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Frequently asked questions

Application connection#

I've lost my PIN code. What do I do?#

Your password cannot be regenerated. In the event of your PIN being lost, inform your administrator. They can delete your current account and create a new one for you.


Note, if you lose your PIN code, certain data will no longer be available:

  • Passwords stored in your private categories in LockPass.
  • Active dropboxes and transfers in LockTransfer.
  • Files stored in your private folders in LockFiles.

Autocompleting passwords#

Padlocks do not appear in the fields. What do I do?#

If the padlocks do not appear in the login and/or password fields, you can make them appear.

  • Stage 1: Right click on the field affected by the absence of padlocks:
    • Go to the LockSelf section then choose the option "Use this field in LockPass"
  • Stage 2: The padlocks are shown in the field, click above and select your username.
    • Autocomplete will work.

The padlocks do not appear in the right place. What do I do?#

You can make the padlocks appear if they don't do so in the right place:

  • Step 1 : Right click on the field(s) in question:
    • Go to the LockSelf section then choose the option "Do not use this field in LockPass"

Auto-adding passwords#

Auto-add does not work. What do I do?#

If auto-add does not work, this is is certainly due to a restriction put in place by the site you are trying to use. In this case, there is a way of forcing auto-add by following this procedure:

  • Step 1: Go to the connection page of the site in question:
  • Step 2: Right click on the button "Connect" or the equivalent:
    • Go to the LockSelf section then choose the option "Use this field in LockPass*"
    • The page will refresh automarically. If this is not the case, do it manually.
  • Step 3: Enter your connection information again (login and password) :
  • Etape 4: Click on "Connect" or equivalent:
    • The addition popup will appear allowing you to record your new username on the fly.