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Adding passwords

Adding passwords#

On the interface#

  • On the bottom right of the screen, click on the button "" then on the button "Password".

  • A window appears: there you will be able to fill in all details specific to your username.

Certain fields are mandatory:

  • Name: The name that you give to your username. This name allows you to then find your username via the search function.

  • Password: Fill in your password or generate a new one via the LockPass password generator« Generate a strong password ».

Other fields are optional:

  • Login: Fill in your login. It generally corresponds to an email address or username.

  • URL: Fill in the URL of the connection page. This URL allows advantage to be taken fromauto-complĂ©tion fields thanks to the browser extension.

  • Category: Fill in the name of the category in which tou would like the password to be stored.

  • Description: Add a description to your username.

  • Personalised fields: Other information is sometimes necessary for connecting to an asset. Personalised fields serve to provide this additional information.

Two tabs are also optional:

  • The "Files" tab allows documentation about a connection procedure to be added so that it can be consulted by all those using the username (pdf, word, image etc. format).

  • The "Tags " tab allows searching your usernames within your password vault to be simplified (see the paragraph "Searching passwords »)

From a website on the fly#

When you arrive at a connection page for the first time, you will be invited to register your new password in LockPass.

After initially connecting to a website a window is didplayed on your screen suggesting you register your username and password in your LockPass.

Select the category in which you would like to register it then register.


You must have downloaded the browser extension beforehand. Consult as required the documentation about browser extensions.

Generate strong passwords#

LockPass suggests generating strong passwords to avoid repeating a simple password which is easy to hijack. You can generate strong passwords directly from your interface, or even your browser.

From the interface#

  • Step 1: Click on "" at the bottom right of the interface then on «Password".

  • Step 2 : Under the field « Password », click on the button "Stron password options".

  • Step 3 : Choose your complicating factors:

    • The number of characters (4 to 250)
    • Does the password contain figures?
    • Does the password contain letters?
    • Does the password contain special charcters?
    • Does the passsword contain capitals?
  • Step 4: Is the password automatically retranscribed in the password field?

From your browser#

Thanks to your LockSelf extension you will find the strong password generator on your browser.

  • Step 1: Right click with your mouse.

  • Step 2: Click on the "LockSelf" feature.

  • Step 3 : Click on "Generate a strong password".

  • Step 4: A window appears allowing you to set the parameters of the password of your choice in line with 5 variables:
    • The number of characters (4 to 24)
    • Does the password contain figures?
    • Does the password contain letters?
    • Does the password contain special chracters?
    • Does the password contain capitals?
  • Step 5 : Click on "Generate a password" You can then copy and paste it to the form of your choice.