How to create and manage a user group ?

Read on to find out how to create a user group.

Only the Administrator account and Moderators can create and manage user groups.

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Create a new user group

  • Step 1 : In the Management tab, click on mceclip1.png and on the « Group » button.


  • Step 2 : In the window that appears, type the name of the new group.


  • Step 3 : Click on « Confirm » to create your group. Once created, it will appear in the list with other user groups.


Edit a user group

  • Step 1 : To rename a user group, select it and click on mceclip0.png next to the group name in the right-hand information panel.


  • Step 2 : On the window that appears, change the name and click on « Validate ».


Delete a user group

To delete a user group, select it and click on « Delete » in the right information panel.

🚨Beware, deleting a group is irreversible. But this action will not delete the accounts of the group members.