How to create Shared Spaces ?

Read on to find out how to create Shared Spaces in LockPass.

Only the Administrator account and Moderators can create new Shared Spaces.


  • Step 1 : To create a Shared Space, go on the LockPass module, click on mceclip0.png and the « Category » button.


  • Step 2 : On the window that appears, you will be able to define several elements :
    • The name of the new space
    • The location of the new space : as you want to create a parent Shared Sace, attach it to the root of your Shared Space directly. 
    • An expiry date : date on which users will be automatically removed from the Shared Space


  • Step 3 : Click on « Create ». The newly created Shared Space will appear on the left-hand side in the list among the other Shared Spaces.


Once created, it will be possible to create as many categories, sub-categories and passwords as you wish.

It is possible to create as many Shared Spaces as you wish.