How to import Shared Spaces ?

Read on to learn how to import shared spaces into LockPass.

Only the Administrator account and Moderators can import Shared Spaces.


The import of new Shared Spaces requires the creation of a CSV file.

  • Step 1 : Create a CSV file, using the following nomenclature :
    • Category/Subcategory  = name of the Shared Space (parent category) / name of the category (first sub-category of the parent category) to create
    • PasswordPolicy = name of the password policy applied , which must have been created beforehand (optional : if no password policy, enter 0)
    • ExpirationDate : expiration date of the category (optional : if no date, enter 0)

Your CSV file should look like this example :

🚨Please create 1 line for each category. You can create categories of any level, separating each category with / . For example, for a level 4 category: Shared Space/category1/category2/category3/category4 , but also create Shared Space , Shared Space/category1 , Shared Space/category1/category2 , Shared Space/category1/category2/category3.
🚨Please save your file in CSV format (semicolon separators ";") 
  • Step 2 : In the Settings tab, click on « Categories ».


  • Step 3 : Click on « Import File », select your CSV file on your computer, and click on « Send ».



Your new Shared Spaces, categories and possible sub-categories will be created and will appear in your Shared Space in the LockPass module, with the chosen password policies and expiration date.