Firefox extension

To use all the features of LockPass to the fullest, download and install the LockSelf browser extension. Read on to find out how to install and use this extension on Firefox browser.


Download the extension

Go to the Add-Ons page of Firefox and search for « LockSelf » or follow the link to download the Firefox extension and click on « Download the extension ».

Install the extension

A pop-up window will appear. Click on « Continue installation », then on « Add » :



Ensure the extension is properly installed and activated

Go to your menu, then click on the menu and then on « Add-ons and themes » :


Check that the LockSelf extension is installed and active (the blue check mark must be activated) : 


Update your extension

Your extension is automatically updated with the new LockSelf features. There is nothing to do on your side.

Know the version of your extension

To find out the version of your extension, go to your menu, then click on « Add-ons and themes » and then click on the LockSelf extension. The version number will be written above the update date.