How to buy new licenses ?

Read on to find out how to purchase additional licenses. 

Only the Administrator account can adjust the subscription offer. 


  • Step 1 : In the Surface menu (top left), click on the blue box.


  • Step 2 : A pop-up window will open with your current subscription information. At the bottom of the pop-up, click « Complete my subscription ».


Step 3 : You will be redirected to an external validation and payment page. Specify here your email address for billing (to receive your invoice), and your licenses number and modules needs. Then click on « Validate my order ».


  • Step 4 : Fill in your billing information. Fields with a star* are required. Check your cart, then click on « Continue to the Payment page ».


  • Step 5 : Fill in your payment information (credit card only), then click on « Pay by card X EUR ».


  • Step 6 : Once your payment is validated, get your new license key. This license key will then be requested in your application. Consult the following documentation to know how to activate this license key