What is an organisation ?

Read on to learn more about the organisations system in LockSelf.

Only the Administrator account can create and manage organisations.


What is an organisation ?

Organisations are independent entities in LockSelf. They are managed in a completely independent way regarding the users and data. 

Organisations allow you to have several autonomous environments within the same LockSelf domain. It means that organisations make possible to manage several critical services or subsidiaries of the same group, while guaranteeing the confidentiality of their data.

How are they organized ?

Organisations and sub-organisations are structured in a pyramidal manner and can be created from an Administrator account.

Organisation N : main organisation

    • Sub-organisation 1
      • Sub-organisation 1.1
      • Sub-organisation 1.2
    • Sub-organisation 2
      • Sub-organisation 2.1
      • Sub-organisation 2.2
    • Sub-organisation 3
          • Sub-organisation 3.1
          • Sub-organisation 3.2

Each Administrator account will be able to create a sub-organisation. 

How are they composed ? 

Each organisation is composed of :

  • one Administrator
  • one or several Moderators (appointed by the organisation's Administrator)
  • simple users

User accounts, whether they are Administrators, Moderators or simple users, can only be in one organisation or sub-organisation. They can not be in more than one organisation simultaneously. 

What are they used for ? 

Sub-organisations allow you to have several autonomous* environments** within the same domain***. 

*Autonomous: because each sub-organisation will have its own Administrator account, its own Moderators and users who will manage their data independently from the parent organisation.

** Multiple environments: for example, one environment for the parent company, and several sub-environments for the subsidiaries.

***Same domain: all on the same domain https://ww.lockself.yourcompany.com 

Use case

Sub-organisations answer a common use case : 

🗒️You are a company composed of traditional departments : sales, marketing, finance, human resources and a technical department. 

Your organisation includes therefore an Administrator account and several Moderators, who are in charge of operating LockSelf in your company. Moderators are often profiles from a technical department.

However, when you are a Moderator, you have full rights on the data, i.e. you have access to all the shared spaces created in the organisation. 

As a result, this Moderator status can be problematic, because it means that a technical team member have access to passwords/critical documents of other departments such as Human Resources or Finance, which represents a problem in terms of confidentiality and security.

It will be possible to get around this with sub-organisations.

By creating a « Human Resources » sub-organisation and a « Finance Department » sub-organisation, it will be possible to ensure that the passwords/documents of these departments are managed in a perfectly autonomous way.

This is made possible thanks to the Administrators of sub-organisations, which will be able to appoint their Moderators and thus manage their passwords/documents independently of the main organisation.

In concrete terms, the shared spaces and data stored in the sub-organisation will not be visible to the Super-Administrator account and Moderators of the main organisation.