What are user groups for?

Read on to find out what user groups allow.

Only the Administrator account and Moderators can create and manage user groups.


User groups allow you to group together a set of users according to a division by service, department, rights levels, etc.

Who can manage them ? 

They can be managed by the Administrator and Moderators of each organisation.

Where are they managed ? 

Groups can be created, edited or deleted from the Management tab.

Are they dependent on an organisation ? 

Yes, each organisation can create, edit and delete its user groups. 

What are they used for ?

User groups are used to facilitate the management of access to shared spaces. When a group is added to a space, all the users associated with this group have access to this space. This avoids having to manage access individually for each user. 

Moreover, groups can be dynamic : when a user is added or removed from a group, his rights are correctly reflected in the shared spaces via the groups.

Is it possible to synchronize groups from the Enterprise Directory ? 

Yes, it is possible to synchronize groups globally or conditionally. This implies that you have set up the connection to your Enterprise Directory option and that you have created a SSO connector.