How to hide passwords in a Shared Space ?

For each Shared Space, it is possible to configure restrictions. Read on to find out how to hide the usernames and passwords for a Shared Space from users.

Only the Administrator account, Moderators and Category Managers (for their specific category) can apply this feature.


Hide the passwords of a Shared Space to users

From an Administrator, Moderator or Category Manager account, it is possible to ensure the confidentiality of usernames and passwords for a Shared Space by hiding them from users.

In a Shared Space or a category, check the « Hide passwords » option in the right information panel.


When this option is enabled, it will be impossible for users to view the usernames and passwords of this specific Shared Space. 

The copy/paste buttons will also be disabled when this option is enabled.


These passwords will be able to be used thanks to the auto-completion of fields, made possible by the browser extension.

🚨 If needed, consult the articles on the installation of browser extensions and on the auto-completion of fields.


When hiding usernames and passwords within a Shared Space, inheritance applies : this means that this functionality will automatically be applied to child spaces located within the parent space too.

It is possible to break this inheritance that applies automatically.

To do so, go to the child category, and deactivate the option in the information panel on the right : this way, users will be able to see the usernames and passwords and will be able to use the copy shortcut button within this child category only.