How to create and manage a folder in the Personal Space ?

Read on to learn how to create and manage a folder in your LockPass Personal Space.

All users can create and manage folders in their Personal Space.


Folders are used to segment your Personal Space into sub-spaces to organize your documents storage. 

Create a folder

  • Step 1 : To create a folder, click on « Add folder » after clicking mceclip0.png


  • Step 2 : On the window that appears, you will be able to chose the folder of your Personal Space to which you want to attach this new folder

🚨If you create :

  • a child sub-folder, choose the parent folder to which your new folder will be attached
  • a new parent folder, choose to attach it directly to the Personal Space


  • Step 3 : Choose a name to your new folder and click on « Send ».


The new folder will appear on the left, in the list among the other folders of the Personal Space.


Once the folder is created, you can then add as many documents and child subfolders as you want. You can create as many sub-spaces as you like.

Rename a folder

  • Step 1 : Click on the folder and in the information panel to the right, next to the folder name, click on mceclip0.png


  • Step 2 : Change the name of the category, then click on « Validate ».


Delete a folder

To delete a folder, click on it and then on « Delete » in the information panel on the right. You can only delete a folder if it is empty of any sub-folders and files.

🚨 This action is irreversible.