When given access to a deposit box

Read on to find out what recipients see when they receive access to a deposit box.  


Once your files have been encrypted and your deposit box is sent, the recipient will receive an email with the name of the sender and the subject of the deposit box (which is the optional description you set when you sent the deposit box).

This email will look like this : 


By clicking on « Access to the deposit box », the recipient will be redirected to the download and deposit page. This page will include the description you set when the deposit box was created.

This page will have two tabs:

  • View : this is where the documents deposited by the sender to the recipients will appear, with the description, the date and time of deposit and the sender name
  • Add : dedicated space where recipients can upload their documents 

This page will look like this:


In the Add tab, the recipient will be able to upload the document(s) he wants to share with the deposit box creator and the other recipients (if the deposit box was not partitionned). They will also be able to add a global description to the documents they have just added (if they want to add a specific description per document, they will have to add them one by one).



Once the recipient's files are uploaded, they will appear in the View tab, among the other documents uploaded by the sender.

The description, the date and time of deposit and the recipient name will appear next to the files, in order to distinguish them from the other documents (those of the creator of the deposit box or of the other recipients if the deposit box has not been partitioned).


If after 15 minutes the recipient has not taken any action on the deposit box, the deposit box link will no longer be functional and will have expired.

In order to access the deposit box again, the recipient will be able to click on the « Receive a New Access Link » button to receive a new link via email.