How to retrieve an archive from a Shared Space folder ?

Read on to find out how to download a folder from a Shared Space with all the files it contains to LockFiles. The folder and files will be downloaded as an archive.

Only the Administrator account and Moderators can retrieve archives of Shared Space folders. The Folder Manager will also be able to do so on his or her specific Shared Space or folder.


It is possible for privileged users to download the folders of a Shared Space, with all the files and subfolders they contain.

  • Step 1 : Go to the desired Shared Space or folder and click directly on « Download » without selecting any files in the information panel on the right.


  • Step 2 : You will be given two options
    1. Download all the files in the current folder ;
    2. Download all the files including the sub-folders and the files they contain ;


The files will be downloaded in an archive form, with the preservation of the architecture of the subfolders in case you have chosen to include the subfolders.