How to add an expiry date to a Shared Space?

For each Shared Space, it is possible to configure restrictions. Read on to learn how to add time-limited rights to a Shared Space.

Only the Administrator account, Moderators and Category Managers (for their specific category) can apply time-limited rights to users.

In this article you will find :


Limiting access a Shared Space over time

It is possible to limit the access over time to a Shared Space. This option can be useful when you want to manage time-limited access to some passwords. 

  • Step 1 : In the desired Shared Space or category, click on « Edit ».
  • Step 2 : Then click on « Expiration date » and specify your date.
  • Step 3 : Then click on « Edit » to apply the date

Consequence : When the date is reached, users will be automatically removed from the Shared Space / category.


Limit access to a shared category for a specific user over time

It will also be possible to limit access over time to a category to specific users. This feature is very useful in case where users will stay in the company for a specific time period (trainees, service providers for a project, etc.).

  • Step 1 : In the desired Shared Space or category, click on « Manage access ».


  • Step 2 : Select the desired user and check « Expiry date ».


  • Step 3 : Choose the desired expiry date.


The symbol mceclip0.png will appear next to the user's name, indicating that their access to the category will automatically expire once the set date has passed.