How to allow passwords to be changed by users in a Shared Space ?

For each Shared Space, it is possible to configure restrictions. Read on to find out how to allow simple users to change, delete and move passwords from Shared Spaces.

Only the Administrator account, Moderators and Category Managers (for their specific category) can apply this feature.


Allow changing, moving and deleting passwords in a Shared Space

The Administrator account, Moderators and Category Managers can allow changing, deleting and moving passwords to Simple Users.

🚨As a reminder, in a Shared Space, Simple Users can : 

  • Add passwords
  • View passwords
  • Use passwords

This standard right does not allow changing passwords that they do not own, nor does it allow moving or deleting them. If necessary, see the presentation of user rights. 

In a Shared Space, check the « Allow modification » option in the right information panel.


By checking this option, users will be able to : 

  • Move passwords that they do not own
  • Change passwords that they do not own
  • Delete passwords they do not own


When you allow passwords to be modified within a Shared Space, inheritance applies: this means that this functionality will automatically be applied to child spaces located within the parent space too. 

It is possible to break this inheritance that applies automatically.

To do so, go to the child category and deactivate the option in the information panel on the right: this way, users will not be able to change the passwords of this child category.