How to export shared passwords ?

Read on to find out how to export passwords stored in Shared Spaces.

Only the Administrator account and Moderators can generate the global password export.


The global password export allows you to extract a CSV containing all of your shared passwords.

In order to guarantee its security, you will need to deposit a certificate beforehand to encrypt the export.

  • Step 1 : Open Command Prompt (Windows), Terminal (MacOs) or Terminal (Linux)
  • Step 2 : Create a private key with the following command : 
openssl genrsa -out 4096
        • = replace with your key name


  • Step 3 : Then create a certificate, from the private key, with the following command : 
openssl req -x509 -sha256 -nodes -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout -days 730 -out
      • = replace with your key name
      • = replace with your certificate name


  • Step 4 : Import your certificate into LockSelf and click on « Start export ».


  • Step 5 : Enter your PIN code.


  • Step 5 : Once the encrypted file is recovered, run the following command to decrypt the file.
openssl smime -decrypt -in export-global.csv.enc -inkey > export-global.csv


Retrieve your file once the operation is complete.