Deployment on Firefox browser

  • Step 1 : Follow the link and download the Firefox ADMX template

  • Step 2 : Extract the files, then copy the firefox.admx and mozilla.admx files to C:\windows\PolicyDefinitions

  • Step 3 : Open the language folder (en-EN) for English and copy the downloaded adml files into C:\Windows\Policydefinitions\en-EN

  • Step 4 : Open the Group Policy Editor and create a new policy named « Firefox - LockPass » and associate it to the domain.

  • Step 5 : Disable the link if everything is not ready to deploy yet.

  • Step 6 : Modify the group policy by going to User Configuration > Policies > Administration Templates. > Mozilla > Firefox > Extensions > Extensions to install > Enable > Show.. and enter the following text :
    ⚠️ Remember to check the latest version number of the extension by going to the link and transferring the correct version in the link above.
  • Step 7 : Choose your group policy scope and activate it when you are ready to perform the deployment.