How to create a category in a Shared Space ?

Read on to learn how to create a category in a LockPass Shared Space.

Only the Administrator account, Moderators and Category Managers (for their specific category) can create categories in Shared Spaces.


Categories are used to segment the Shared Space into sub-spaces to organize your password storage. You can create as many categories and subcategories as you like.

  • Step 1 : To create a category, click on mceclip0.png and then click on the « Category » button.


  • Step 2 : On the window that appears, you will be able to chose several elements :
    • The name of the new category
    • The Shared Space or parent category to which you want to attach this new category

🚨 If you create :

  • a new parent category, choose to attach it to the Shared Space directly
  • a child subcategory, choose the parent category to which your new category will be attached


  • Step 3 : Click on « Create ». The new category will appear within the chosen Shared Space or parent category. 


Once the category is created, you can then add as many passwords and child subcategories as you want.