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9/7/2022 - API version : 1.8.1 / App : 3.9.2

Download an access rights report 📚

Administrator and Moderators Folder Managers

👉 Go to a Shared Space or subfolder, and click on « Reports of rights » to download an access rights report in pdf format, in order to have a summary of user access to the space in question.


You will get a file like this one :  


💡For more details, please see the article How to manage access to Shared Spaces ?


7/29/2022 - API Version : 1.8.0 / App : 3.8.0

Receive a notification when a user uploads files in a Shared Space📃

Administrator and Moderators Category / Folder Managers

👉 Go in a Shared Space or a sub-folder, and activate the option to be alerted by email when a user uploads a file in the space in question.


💡For more details, feel free to check the article How to receive files download and/or uploads notifications for a Shared Space ?