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9/7/2022 - Version API : 1.12.0 / App : 3.15.0

Ability to delete shared spaces with their files

Administrator and Moderators File Managers

👉 Go to the Shared Space or the folder in question, and click on « Delete » in the information panel on the right : fill in the name of the desired space in the window to confirm your choice, and validate. Your Shared Space or folder will be deleted, along with the files and subfolders it contains !


💡For more details, do not hesitate to consult the article How to create and manage a Shared Space ?


9/7/2022 - API version : 1.8.1 / App : 3.9.2

Download an access rights report 📚

Administrator and Moderators Folder Managers

👉 Go to a Shared Space or subfolder, and click on « Reports of rights » to download an access rights report in pdf format, in order to have a summary of user access to the space in question.


You will get a file like this one :  


💡For more details, please see the article How to manage access to Shared Spaces ?


7/29/2022 - API Version : 1.8.0 / App : 3.8.0

Receive a notification when a user uploads files in a Shared Space📃

Administrator and Moderators Category / Folder Managers

👉 Go in a Shared Space or a sub-folder, and activate the option to be alerted by email when a user uploads a file in the space in question.


💡For more details, feel free to check the article How to receive files download and/or uploads notifications for a Shared Space ?