Latest news on general administration

Find here the latest general administration features of LockSelf !


7/17/2023 - Api version : 1.16.0 / App : 3.21.0

Track and measure activity with the dashboard🧮

Administrator and Moderators 

👉 Track LockPass, LockTransfer and LockFiles usage and user activity with the Dashboard.

Monitor your pool of shared passwords on LockPass, the volume occupied by your files on LockFiles, or the age of transfers or dropboxes created by your users on LockTransfer (among others).

💡For more details, please consult the articles presenting the Dashboard tabs.


3/30/2023 - Api version : 1.13.9 / App : 3.17.1

Export the user list🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Administrator and Moderators 

👉 Export your user list in Excel format, from the Settings tab.

For each user, in addition to the email address, you'll be given the date the account was created and the date the user last logged on to the tool.

💡For more details, feel free to read the article How to export the user list?


9/7/2022 - Api version : 1.8.1 / App : 3.9.2

Bulk creation of user groups🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Administrator and Moderators 

👉 It is now possible to create user groups, with their users, in one go thanks to the bulk user group import. Create a CSV file with the groups you want to create, and the users they contain, and use the import module in the Settings tab.


Your groups will then be created in bulk and will appear in your organization in the Management tab. You will then be able to add users manually into these groups.

💡For more details, feel free to read the article How to create and manage a user group ?


7/29/2022 - Api version : 1.8.0 / App : 3.8.0

Add a temporary password to SSO users🔑

Administrator and Moderators

👉 It is now possible to create temporary passwords to users, so that they can access their LockSelf account via the standard login, in case of problems with the directory and SSO interconnection.

  • Step 1 : In the Management tab, select the desired user, and click on « Create a password » in the right panel.


  • Step 2 : On the window that opens, set the temporary password that the user should use to log in, and click « Create a password ».
    • You can use the password generator to create a strong password.
    • You can set an expiration date for the password. After this date, the password, and therefore the standard login, will no longer work. 


This will allow the user to access their LockSelf account, via the standard login, with the set password and their usual PIN.

💡For more details, feel free to check the article How to create temporary passwords for SSO users ?


5/30/2022 - Api version : 1.6.0 / App : 3.7.0

Promote a group to Category / Folder Manager 👑

Administrator and Moderators Category / Folder Managers

👉 It is now possible to promote all users in a group as Category (LockPass) or Folder (LockFiles) Managers.

  • Step 1 : Click on a category/folder, then in the right information panel, click on « Manage Access ».


  • Step 2 : Select a user group, then click on « Promote as Category Manager ».


All users in your group have now been promoted to Category / Folder Manager. You can remove the status from this group at any time by clicking « Remove Manager Status ».


💡For more details, feel free to check the article How to manage privileged user accounts ?

5/30/2022 - Version Api : 1.6.0 / App : 3.7.0

Update user information 🖊️


👉 It is now possible for a user to change their first and last name after creating their account, and this directly from the web interface.

  • Step 1 : In the Settings tab, click on « Change my username. »


  • Step 2 : Edit your personal information


💡For more details, feel free to read the article Change your first and last name


21/3/2022 - Version Api : 1.5.0 / App : 3.5.0

Download a report of rights for each user🗒️

Administrator and Moderators

👉 For each user, download a pdf rights report to see which user groups they are a member of, as well as which categories (LockPass), folders (LockFiles) and deposit boxes (LockTransfer) they have access to.

In the Management tab, select the user and in the information panel on the right, click on « Report of rights » to download the report as a pdf file.


💡For more details, please see the article How to manage users ?