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09/21/2023 - Api Version : 1.17.2 / App : 3.23.0

Protect a deposit bow with a password🔑


Secure your deposit boxes with a password, which will be sent to your recipients by sms. Don't forget to include their cell phone number!

💡For more details, please see How to create a deposit box?


04/04/2022 - Api Version : 1.5.1 / App : 3.6.0

Name deposit box managers 🎓


👉 When you share a deposit box to one or more people internal to your organization, who also have a LockTransfer account, you will have the option to name them Deposit box Managers, so that they can manage the deposit box as you do.

To make someone a Deposit box Manager, select your deposit box and on the information panel on the right, click on « Edit » next to the list of recipients: on the window that appears, select the desired person and click on « Promote as deposit box manager ».


As managers, they will be able to :

  • Add, consult and delete documents
  • Add and delete recipients
  • Appoint other users as managers of the deposit box
  • Manage notification preferences (uploads, downloads)
  • Manage settings (name, status, expiration date, description)


💡For more details, feel free to check out the article How to manage a deposit box ?