LockPass Data migration: merge a sub-organization with the parent organization

Read on to find out how to merge a sub-organization with the parent organization on LockPass and migrate passwords.

Only the Administrator account will be able to merge organizations and migrate passwords.


Migrating data from one sub-organization to another requires the following : 

  • Have access to the Administrator account of the parent organization
  • To have identified the passwords that will be migrated to the other sub-organization

Delete the sub-organization

From the parent organization's Administrator account, delete the sub-organization.

See this documentation for the procedure : How to delete a sub-organization ?

🚨Deleting a sub-organization is irreversible. However, there will be no loss of data :

  • Users will be switched back to the parent organization
  • Passwords stored in users' personal spaces will still be stored.
  • Passwords stored in shared spaces will be switched to the personal space of the administrator of the sub-organization (who will then become a simple user of the parent organization after the sub-organization is deleted).

Moving the data

Next, the passwords (stored in the personal space of the former sub-organization administrator account) will have to be identified and moved to the shared spaces of the parent organization.

Then, if necessary, we will create the different Shared Spaces and categories that will serve as destination location.

The passwords will then be moved to the appropriate spaces.

Consult the following documentation if necessary : 

Giving access to users

Next, you will need to give the appropriate users access to the necessary shared spaces and categories.

Consult the following documentation if needed : How to manage access to Shared Spaces ?