How to add a new password from the browser extension ?

The LockSelf browser extension can be used by all users. It allows you to perform different actions, such as adding new passwords


The browser extension will allow you to add new passwords, in the Personal Space or the Shared Space, when creating a new account for a website.

You will need to download the browser extension first: the extension can be used on Chrome or Edge.

With the auto-add pop-up

  • Step 1 : Go to the account creation page of the website where you want to create a new account, and enter your login information (username, password)

    • Use the password generator, available in the Generator tab of the extension, to generate a strong and robust password, then click on « Autofill » to have the new password filled in the corresponding field on the website

🚨 With the generator, choose the number of characters of your password, and whether it should contain upper or lower case letters, numbers or special characters, and generate a random password according to these settings. 


  • Step 2 : Once all the username and password are filled in, validate and create your account on the website.

  • Step 3 : On the self-addition pop-up that appears on the left, fill in the additional fields if needed (description, additional information 1, 2 and 3) and click on « Add ».

Your password and its information will be automatically saved in your safe.


🚨When you will log in using the auto-complete login and password, and manually change any of the fields after auto-completion, the auto-add pop-up will not appear.

From the extension menu

  • Step 1 : Go to the account creation page of the website where you want to create a new account, and click on the LockSelf extension in the top right corner next to the search bar, and on the window that appears, click on « Add a password » in the Login tab.

  • Step 2 : Define the elements related to your password : 
    • the URL of the website's login page (this will be filled in automatically)
    • the location of your new password : by default, the root of your Personal Space will be filled in, but you will be able to change it and choose a specific category of the Personal Space or the Shared Space
    • the name of the password (the name of the website for example)
    • the username (the email address used)
    • the password (you can use the password generator)
    • a description and other information (these elements are optional : click on « Add a description/option » to reveal the fields)

Then click on « Add » : your password will be created and added in the space you specified.

You can then continue the account creation process on the web page.