What is the LockSelf API ?

This feature is only available if you have subscribed to the API option. Do not hesitate to contact your sales representative if you wish to activate this option.


The LockSelf API

The LockSelf API is a REST API developed in PHP under Symfony. You can find the technical documentation at https://api.lockself.com/api/doc.

For public cloud users, its address is :


For private cloud or On-Premises users, the API address will depend on the domain name applied to your LockSelf installation :

https://[your domain]/api-key/


To authenticate your call to the API, you are asked to specify in the header of your request an "X-Auth-Token" and an "X-Ls-Token".

You can find this information by creating an API user in the user management of the LockSelf application.


The permissions of the API users

Each of your API users will have the same permission management as a human user.

If you want to give access to a category (LockPass), a deposit box (LockTransfer) or a folder (LockFiles) to your API user, you will have to give him read and/or modify rights from an Administrator or Moderator account.