How to manage users of a sub-organization ?

Read on to learn how to manage users in a sub-organization.

Only the Administrator account can create a sub-organization.


Populate a user sub-organization

Once the sub-organization has been created, it will need to be populated with simple users, who will be added to the Administrator.

🚨 User accounts must have been created and validated by users (i.e. they must have logged in for the first time and created their PIN code).

When a simple user creates an account, it will be displayed in the main organization. You will then need to do the following steps:

  • Step 1: Select the relevant user(s) and click on « Move » in the right panel

  • Step 2: On the window that appears, choose the sub-organization you want to move the user to and click « Move »

The user has been successfully moved to the desired sub-organization. It can now be managed by the Administrator of this sub-organization, who can share passwords with the user via Shared Spaces.

Manage sub-organization Administrators

If necessary, the Administrator of the main organization can change the Administrator of a sub-organization: to do so, there must be one or more Moderators in the sub-organization. The Administrator of the main organization will be able to select one of these Moderators, and click in the right information panel on « Upgrade to Administrator » : they will automatically become Administrator and the former Administrator will be demoted as Moderator.

🚨 It is very important that the Administrator of the sub-organization appoints at least one Moderator in the sub-organization: in the situation where the Administrator's absence or departure from the company, the Moderator can take over to manage the sub-organization.