How to create a sub-organisation ?

Read on to find out how to create a sub-organisation.

Only the Administrator account can create a sub-organisation.


  • Step 1 : To create an organization, go to the Management tab, and click on the "Organization" button after clicking on mceclip0.png


  • Step 2 : Enter a name for this new organisation and the email address of the responsible ( i.e sub-Administrator) of this new organisation.
🚨 Please note that a user cannot have administrative rights in several organisations. The Administrator of your new sub-organisation must be a Simple User.


The new sub-organisation will be created and will appear on the home page of the Management tab, along with the other sub-organisations already created.


When we select it, we can also see that the account we entered in step 2 has been named Administrator of this new sub-organisation.

🚨This action will cause the newly appointed Administrator to be logged out. He/She will simply need to log back in.