Account creation (SSO)

In order to use LockSelf and its products, it is necessary to create and activate your account. Read on to find out how to create and activate your SSO account.

Please note: this procedure only applies to Private Cloud and On-Premises users.


Account activation (SSO)

Go to the LockSelf access URL sent by your Administrator.

Example :

Go to the SSO tab, then enter your email address.


Click on "Enter".

Definition and validation of the PIN code

Choose a 6-digit PIN code and enter it via the on-screen keypad. 

Careful, this PIN code is strictly personal, and we can not be regenerated in case of loss.

Consult this documentation if necessary : The PIN code


Confirm your PIN code a second time.

Please note that you will be asked to enter this PIN code to access your account.


Authentication is successful. Click on "Access my safe". 


Authentication is successful. Click on "Access my safe".