How to export shared passwords ?

Read on to find out how to export passwords stored in Shared Spaces.

Only the Administrator account and Moderators can generate the global password export.


Two export methods are available : one with passwords only, and one with files attached to passwords.

Export of passwords only

The global password export allows you to extract a CSV containing all of your shared passwords.

In order to guarantee its security, you will need to deposit a certificate beforehand to encrypt the export.

  • Step 1 : Open Command Prompt (Windows), Terminal (MacOs) or Terminal (Linux)

  • Step 2 : Create a private key with the following command : 
openssl genrsa -out 4096
        • = replace with your key name


  • Step 3 : Then create a certificate, from the private key, with the following command : 
openssl req -x509 -sha256 -nodes -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout -days 730 -out
      • = replace with your key name
      • = replace with your certificate name


  • Step 4 : Import your certificate into LockSelf and click on « Start export ».


  • Step 5 : Enter your PIN code.


  • Step 5 : Once the encrypted file is recovered, run the following command to decrypt the file.
openssl smime -decrypt -in export-global.csv.enc -inkey > export-global.csv


Retrieve your file once the operation is complete.

Accent management (UTF-8) with Excel

  • Step 1 : Open your file in Save as .xlsx format

  • Step 2 : Click on « Data » > « Get Data » > « Text File ».


  • Step 3 : Select the initial export file in .csv format

  • Step 4 : In « File origin », select « Unicode (UTF-8) »


  • Step 5 : Click on « Next », then select the « Semicolon » separator


  • Step 6 : Choose the destination location of your file, then validate.

The accents will be correctly managed in your password export.

Export with password attachment files

  • Step 1 : Go to the Administrator account settings, click on « Global Export » and then on « Export with attached files ».


  • Step 2 : Make sure you copy the password you have entered so that you can open the downloaded archive on your computer, and click on « Start export ».


  • Step 3 : Once the archive is downloaded, open it with the WinRar archiving tool and retrieve your file.